by Vernon B. Sarne  | May 12, 2015

BGC accident


We all know that the level of pedestrian safety is very low in this country. Many drivers don’t even know they’re not supposed to stop directly on top of a crosswalk. But if you think pedestrians are only at risk on roads located in populated, general-access areas, think again. Apparently, even private communities like the Bonifacio Global City aren’t completely secure when it comes to road safety.

At around 11am today, a black Toyota Fortuner–which, according to Scott Gutsy Tuason, carries a plate number of AAL-6646–hit a female foreigner inside BGC. The lady, according to witnesses, was pregnant.

“This piece of sh*t was speeding around the corner of 30th Street and 2nd Avenue in BGC,” Tuason posted on Facebook. “It hit another car and ran over a pedestrian on the crosswalk at 11:30am today.”

We were tagged by Tuason in this post.

We don’t have details yet of the driver’s identity.

Photographer Jun de Leon, commenting on Tuason’s post, shares that the victim was brought to the ICU. “I was at St. Luke’s when the lady was brought in. The lady was crossing at the pedestrian lane, and she’s pregnant. The husband is not here. My 12-year-old son was at the corner Starbucks when it happened.”

We don’t know yet what really caused the accident, but a vehicle has no business speeding in a community like BGC. Actually, a vehicle has no business speeding in a pedestrian-crowded area, period. People get hurt; they get injured; they get maimed; they get killed. Whatever your reasons are for stepping on the throttle, they can’t possibly outweigh public safety. Always remember that.

A reader by the name of Karl Gaspar says it best: “I drive a lot around Bonifacio Global City, and I do encounter these kinds of drivers every single day, rushing as if in a life-and-death situation. Pedestrian safety is my number one priority. Even for those that jaywalk.”

UPDATE: We’ve issued a clarification about this report. You can read it here.

Photos from Dave Go, Rommel Cala, Leslie Lavina, Scott Gutsy Tuason, Joel Sanchez Salonga and Jon JM


BGC accident


BGC accident


BGC accident


BGC accident


BGC accident


BGC accident


BGC accident


BGC accident

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