Safe Steps: Are you playing Your Part?

The first-of-its-kind pan-Asian public service initiative to raise awareness about one of the world’s leading causes of death, the “Safe Steps” programme featuring Global Road Safety Ambassador Michelle Yeoh is initiated by the Prudence Foundation, the regional community investment arm of insurance company Prudential Corporation Asia, with the support of the FIA and National Geographic … Continue reading Safe Steps: Are you playing Your Part?

C.S.I. = Child Safety Initiative

What is Child Safety Initiative Campaign? In 2013, World Health Organization Global reported that about 1.24 million globally die annually as a result of road traffic crashes or nearly 3,400 deaths a day. With that, Volkswagen CSI was initiated and it is based on two pillars: First is the prevention of accidents by teaching and educating parents and kids about … Continue reading C.S.I. = Child Safety Initiative