What is Child Safety Initiative Campaign?

In 2013, World Health Organization Global reported that about 1.24 million globally die annually as a result of road traffic crashes or nearly 3,400 deaths a day. With that, Volkswagen CSI was initiated and it is based on two pillars:

First is the prevention of accidents by teaching and educating parents and kids about possible dangers on the roads. Second is to emphasize the passive safety devices of modern-day passenger vehicles, with special focus on the use of age-appropriate child safety seats.


Photo Source: James Deakin

In the Philippines, CSI was introduced at Manila International Auto Show in April 2015. Since then, the campaign introduces early childhood safety awareness to children as young as 4 to 8 years of age and imparts important road safety habits to their parents. The project also provides benefits during the rainy season as both motorists and pedestrians are exposed to increased risk of accidents caused by wet, slippery roads and poor visibility during inclement weather.

Online Source: http://jamesdeakin.ph/volkswagen-philippines-continues-child-safety-initiative-campaign-tours/


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