Travelling during #Undas2016

No cargo is more precious than your child. Travel safe with your kids this vacation by keeping in mind the 5s of Road Safety: Photo Source Seat belts Wearing a seat-belt reduces the risk of  fatal injury by up to 50%.[1] Stay Sober Keep the booze at bay before and while driving Slow Down Keep … Continue reading Travelling during #Undas2016


Throwback: Safety Tips for #Undas2015

Safety is Key. Throwback to some basic safety tips to the public issued by the  Philippine National Police for Undas 2015. Millions of Filipinos are expected to leave their homes in the city and provinces to troop to the cemeteries this Undas (All Saints’ Day) week to pay respects to their dead. Photo Source: … Continue reading Throwback: Safety Tips for #Undas2015

2016 Humanitarian of the Year

Guess who's been given the 2016 Humanitarian of the Year by no less than the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon himself? Congratulations to you,  Michelle Yeoh*! Thank you for lending your strong voice as our Global Road Safety Ambassador and for championing Road Safety, especially Child Safety. An award well deserved! Photo Source "Jean Todt and … Continue reading 2016 Humanitarian of the Year


Must Read! “Child safety not a major concern for drivers, riders”

Reposting this must-read news article from Malaya by writer Raymond Gregory ROAD SAFETY SERIES NO. 5: Child safety not a major concern for drivers, riders October 18, 2016 THERE are just too many incidents of children maimed or perishing in road crashes involving motorized vehicles. In many cases, the lack of child restraint systems in cars, … Continue reading Must Read! “Child safety not a major concern for drivers, riders”


Factsheet on Motorcycle Helmets

Accompanying the Crash Course 1 on Motorcycle Helmets recently released by Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety is this Factsheet on Motorcycle Helmets available on pdf format. Online Source: