That is the question! Ever wondered when is the best time to buy a car seat? Let’s hear it from Momster Teacher’s musing, Child’s Safety First: A Call for Car Seats

An excerpt from Momster Teacher‘s Blog

It’s better to buy a car seat as soon as possible.  Best if you buy it when you’re still pregnant.  To be honest, we only bought Raviv his car seat when he was already about a month old.  And I really, really hoped we bought one sooner.  For one, I gave birth at Asian Hospital, which was more than an hour away from our home in Los Banos.  When we travelled home, I carried Raviv all the way, and I was panicking the whole time.  Plus of course, nakakangalay din.  Especially because I was still tired from giving birth, and my vajay-jay was painful pa!

Buying a car seat as soon as you can would make it more sulit, ‘di ba?  Don’t wait to get into an accident and then saka ka pa bibili.  Moreover, training your child into being seated on a car seat early will save you from tantrums.

Actually, I have a confession to make:  even when we already bought Raviv a car seat, we did not use it right away.  I would still carry him on my lap (and thank God nothing bad happened!)  When I realized the dangers of what we were doing and insisted that he be in his car seat, nagwawala siya nang bongga, palibhasa he is used to being on my lap when we travel.  If this happens to you, TIISIN MO!  I let Raviv cry and cry and cry and cry.  I’d rather that he cry because of a slight discomfort, kesa ako ang iiyak saospital mostly dahil sa pagsisisi.  And our “tough love” paid off, because these days Raviv is very comfy in his booster seat (he has already outgrown convertible car seat).


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