I am going to talk about car seats for kids. And this is going to be a hard sell, because at anytime you look out on our roads its an all too common sight to see a family of 3 or 4 riding a motorcycle, children sans helmet, with only the adult doing the driving wearing one….because it is illegal to do otherwise.
So let me ask you some questions:
Are you a parent?? Do you own a vehicle? Well, in this country, in all likelihood you probably don’t own an age appropriate child safety restraint; other wise known as a car seat.
Let me throw some numbers your way: child restraints reduce the risk of injury by almost 80% compared to children restrained only by seat belts.
So what are their chances? Of injury? Of SURVIVAL?
I’d love to provide you with stats. Numbers that could either reassure, or put the fear in you to spur action.But in this country,here are none. No numbers on the rate or injury or death involving the use or absence of car seats. And that’s scary. And its time for this to change.
Its time for the Philippines to make car seats for children mandatory. Laws  mandating the use of child restraints is an effective way to increase the use of restraints and reduce injuries and prevent deaths. Children are not simply smaller adults. Bones are not fully formed, their skeletal structures not fully covering and protecting their internal organs, they have little to no body movement control. In a motor vehicle, seat belts are not enough–and no matter how much we insist on it–neither is our loving embrace.
IDEALS is a non profit, non establishment organization, and together with the IFRC and other Global Road Safety partners, we aim to pass a law mandating safety car seats for children by 2018. Your most precious cargo after all, are the little rugrats in the back asking what time do we get there 🙂
To learn more about this initiative and other relevant information, visit and like our Facebook page and get in on the action.

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