Seatbelts prevents 95% the drivers and passengers from being ejected from cars during crashes. 75% of occupants ejected from vehicles die from the impact.

Sharing here the Crash Course 4 on Seatbelts offered by Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. This webinar is the fourth of a series of seven presentations bringing in member experts in their respective fields to outline the risks and what can be done to reduce them. Areas that will be addressed are: helmets, drunk driving, speeding, seat belts, child restraints, distraction and drowsy driving.

Crash Course 4: Introduction to Seatbelts. Partnership for Road Safety in Georgia increased seatbelt use from 1% to 98% through a targeted campaign and in partnership with multiple stakeholders. Learn how seat belts protect you, what myths need to be addressed, and the approach that led to their success (length 21 min).

The purpose of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and the Global Meetings is to help coordinate the activities of NGOs and assist in the dissemination of best practices for programs, fund-raising, communications, and more.

The objective of the Alliance Academy Risk Area Crash Course is to enhance members’ knowledge, not only on what the key road safety risk factors are, but also the main messages and rationale, and to inspire members by highlighting activities that have led to change.



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