There are a lot of types of car seats to choose from and the kind of harness that the seat uses is also a crucial aspect that will affect our kids’ safety.

A 5-point car seat. (Photo from

The 5-point harness is the part of the car seat that keeps our kids in place. It’s called as such because it refers to the parts of the car seat that the harness webbing attaches to. Two points are at each shoulder, two points at the hips, and the final point is the one that buckles our kids’ legs. This kind of harness is also used by race car drivers.

There is also a 3-point harness. However, this kind of harness is not recommended as it doesn’t secure our kids as tightly as the 5-point one. The 3-point harness does not have points which secure our kids’ hips.

This kind of harness is only as effective as a seat belt is, which, by the way, isn’t effective. Seat belts are not catered to keep our kids safe on the road because these do not take into consideration the height and weight of the kid. Seat belts are made to secure and protect a normal adult body, not the fragile bodies of toddlers.

With that, we all know that proper installation and adjustment of the harness is the key to keeping our kids safe on the road. Watch this video to know the proper way of buckling up our kids using a 5-point harness!



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