In other countries, a newborn cannot leave the hospital without securing a car seat first. In the Philippines, however, we are still lobbying for a law that requires car seats for children below 12 years old. But with or without a law, we should be able to prioritize the safety of our children.

There are a lot of car seats for each stage of your child’s life. We know, we know, it’s kind of expensive. But really, how much is P4,000 (which is the lowest price of car seats in the market) compared to your child’s life?

For parents who will buy a child car seat for the first time, here’s are the different kinds of seats that your kid will need!

1. Infant-only car seat

A mother places her child in the infant-only car seat’s stay-in-car base. (Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images)

For newborns, these infant-only, rear facing car seats can be the best choice. However, for those who want to save up, this might not be the case. It costs more and your baby can only use it until he or she reaches 15 kg.

What’s nice about this is that you can detach the seat from your car and it’s often sold in package with a stroller. The seat clicks into and out of the base so you don’t have to install it each time you use it. Parents can buy more than one base for additional vehicles.

This might be convenient, yes, but it’s not really practical, especially if your aim is to save a few thousands on car seats.

2. Convertible car seats

A convertible car seat that has been converted for front-facing. (Amazon / Graco)

Convertible car seats are the top choice for parents because it can be used longer and there are a lot in the market, which opens your choices more.

Kids in car seats start rear-facing as it is the safest way to ride a car. These convertible car seats can accommodate rear-facing kids until 15 kg – 22 kg. When the kids grow out of rear-facing, which is often when they reach 2 years old, these seats can just be converted to a front-facing seat. Smart, right?

3. Combination car seats

A sample combination car seat both in Harness Mode and the Booster Mode. (Safe Kids Worldwide)

People often mistake combination car seats as convertible car seats. However, combination car seats can only be used front-facing, not rear-facing.

This limitation makes combination car seats more suitable for older toddlers and bigger kids. It can be used as a booster seat later on. Preschool kids or kids until the age of 8 should use a booster seat until their height and weight reaches the maximum capacity of their seat.

These three car seats are the backbone of the car seat family because they can be used in various stages of the child’s life. It is also cheaper to use these kinds of seats instead of buying each of every type. However, as parents, we should always check the maximum height, weight, and age of each of the seat to ensure optimum protection for our kids.



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