Isn’t he adorable?


There are a lot of aftermarket products for child car seats that look adorable when used for our kids. Aftermarket products are those that aren’t included in the original package of your child car seat.

We know it’s cute, but why shouldn’t you buy one?

It actually makes the child car seat less effective in the event of a car crash. Would you risk your child’s life for a few cute photos of him in his child car seat?

Here are some of the most common aftermarket products that parents buy:

1. Infant support head rests, inserts, pillows

WHY IS IT NOT SAFE? Many of these items can affect the harness placement. If your child is not properly placed in his or her harness, they are pushed out of the safe position. It can also change the impact of a road crash to the kid’s head and chest, which can lead to serious injuries.

2. Shoulder pads, harness covers

WHY IS IT NOT SAFE? It causes additional bulk to the harness. This additional bulk interferes with the placement of the chest clip or the tightness of the harness. This, again, affects the crash performance of the seat and might cause serious harm and injury to your child.

3. Toys that attach to the child car seat

WHY IS IT NOT SAFE? In an event of a car crash, these toys might become hazard materials. It can also cause more damage for your child as these toys might break and they might choke on it and sustain minor injuries and wounds.

These are just some of the aftermarket products available for child car seats. For more information regarding these products, make sure that you read your car seat manufacturer’s manual to know what is allowed and what isn’t. #



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