As parents, there is nothing that we want more than to keep our children safe on the road. Now that the number of families who use cars is increasing, we should better equip ourselves to protect our loved ones while we drive.

Do you know how many kids die on our roads every day? On average, 99 kids die every day because of road crashes. This is just in the Philippines.

Worldwide, 500 futures are cut short because of road crashes that can be easily preventable if only we knew the best practices, have a solid implementation of road safety laws, and specific legislation that protect our children.

Now, ask yourself. Where does your kid sit in the car?

If you answered that you let your kids sit in the front seat. Maybe you should watch this before it’s too late:

So where should your kids sit? The safest place for kids is always in the back seat of the car. When you get in a car crash, the airbag will be triggered. This force can be too much for your child to handle and might lead to serious injuries.

Kids who are below 13 years old, more often than not, still cannot fit in an adult seatbelt – making the seatbelts useless in case of a car crash. This is the reason why kids who are 12 years old and below must be required to use child car seats to better protect them on the road. Additionally, it’s not only the age of the kids that should be used as the basis for the use of child car seats. Their height and weight should be taken into consideration as well.

It’s a good thing that road safety advocates are currently lobbying for the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act of 2017. This bill requires the use of child car seats for children aged 12 years old and below. If your child is caught without a car seat, there will be fines and a revocation of the driver’s license.

Child car seats can reduce the risk of death and injuries by up to 80% in young children and 54-70% in infants. What are you waiting for? Purchase your kid’s child car seat now and support the Child Car Seat Bill! #


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