Walking is not only good for our health but is also good for the environment. In the Philippines, however, pedestrian safety is a concern that isn’t highlighted enough. We have pedestrian lanes in Metro Manila but the proper use of it is not given attention. In the countryside, most of the roads are unpaved and without any design for the safe walking of pedestrians.

The problem in the Philippines, and even worldwide, is that pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users. Over 270,000 pedestrians perish in collisions on the road according to the report of the World Health Organization. In 2015, about 1,970 pedestrians perished on Philippine roads.

What can we do?

  1. Always cross the street at a designated intersection or pedestrian lane.
  2. Even when crossing at a pedestrian lane, always be mindful and look both ways as you walk.
  3. Walk on sidewalks, never the streets. If you’re walking at night, make sure that you are still visible by wearing reflective clothing or bringing a small flashlight with you.
  4. Avoid distractions, such as using your cellphones, while walking. It could lower your concentration and you might not notice the way you are walking. #

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