Even if we don’t use cars to travel around, everyone will probably walk and cross the streets at various points of their life. As adults, we are equipped with the proper precaution in walking safely, but our children aren’t. It is our duty to teach them about the proper and safe ways of walking.

Until the age of 11, children still need active supervision in navigating roads and crossing streets. Even children who are aware of the “look both ways” and “walk slowly” rules do not necessarily follow them. It is our role to practice them and to keep them safe every day.

Here are some helpful tips to teach your kids about pedestrian safety:

1. Always use pedestrian lanes and zebra lanes

Remind your kids to always look for the black and white stripes when crossing. More often than not, these pedestrian lanes exist and they exist there for a reason.

2. Wait for the green man to appear

Cross the road when the green man appears! This means that the cars are already stopped and it’s now safe for us to cross the street.

3. Stop, look, and listen

Even when you’re not crossing the street, you should tell your children to practice precaution when walking along roads. Tell them to be mindful of the cars and to be aware of their surroundings.

4. Explain to your kids 

Our kids might be young and innocent, but their minds are already capable of understanding road safety rules. One nice tip is to always explain to your kid why these rules must be followed. Make sure that you follow these rules too so your children can emulate you.

5. Hold their hand

This is the primary way of teaching our kids. Always hold their hand and help them navigate the streets, but always let them feel that they can do these things even without you. #

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