Holidays, oh, holidays. Parents are looking forward to these few days of rest and family time. Some might want to go to the provinces to visit their relatives, do a Visita Iglesia in various places, while others could just drive up somewhere and spend precious time with their families. One thing is common with all these activities – we’ll be riding vehicles and going on road trips.

According to the UP Road Safety Research Laboratory, more road crashes happen during the holidays. This could be because of the volume of cars on the road, the heavy traffic, and the mindset of the drivers. The lack of strict enforcement of our road safety rules comes into play as well.

But there are a lot of things that we can do to help keep our families safe on the road.

  1. Check your cars!

Double check if your car is in excellent condition. Check the engines, batteries, lights, and the tires so you won’t stop in the middle of the nowhere and ruin your road trip.

  1. Even if you’re prepared, always bring more

Despite replacing everything from your fuel, transmission fluid, to the tires, you can’t just be too sure. If you have spare tires and fluids, bring that too.

  1. In case of emergencies, bring your kits

Your vehicle should always have an emergency kit which includes flashlights, tools, warning triangles, and even jumper cables. You might be too confident because of all the preparations that you’ve done before hitting the road, but it is important to always keep these things near you. You never know when you’d need it or when fellow drivers will need it.

  1. Check your seat belts and child car seats

We cannot stress this enough! Even if your car is all set and ready to be driven, the people inside should be given the protection that they need. Check if your seat belts are working and aren’t damaged. Kids should also be strapped in their child car seats to keep them safe while you’re driving.


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