We are all excited for the Holy Week! Parents, employees, and even children are all excited to have a break and spend more times with their families. We have a few days off to rest and some of us might have penciled travels in and out of the country. But whatever plans we have for the rest of the week, one thing is for sure: We’ll be going on the road.

According to the UP Road Safety Research Laboratory, more road crashes happen during the holidays. This is because of the increase in the volume of cars on the road. More road crashes = more fatalities, injuries, and affected families.

Even our kids are not safe from all these crashes, they are even the most vulnerable. In our Philippines, 99 children die every month from road crashes. Making crashes the top killer of kids in our country and worldwide.

Now that we know these grim statistics, it’s time for us to act on it. This coming Holy Week, let’s all be prepared and safe.


  1. Check your vehicles if there are things that you should change and have fixed. Check your engines, tires, brakes, and lights. All of these are important and should not be overlooked because these might cause unnecessary stops on the road, or worse, crashes.
  2. Pack up and replenish your car emergency kit. It is recommended that everybody should have a kit that includes a flashlight, extra batteries, wrenches, screw drivers, a seat belt cutter, and early warning devices such as orange cones and warning triangles.
  3. Bring your personal emergency kits. This is a must for family vacations and trips. Parents should always have an emergency kit once something happens. These should include not only materials for first aid (band aids, bandages, alcohol, disinfectants) but also medicine for head ache, stomach ache, and motion sickness.
  4. Check if your child car seats are still appropriate for your child’s height and weight. If not, it’s time to purchase new car seats. Remember that child car seats cannot protect your kids if they have reached the limit already. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Do not start the engine unless everyone is buckled up! Protection should always be prioritized. Kids and adults alike are in need of protection once a road crash happens. Often, we don’t let the passengers in the back seat wear seatbelts, but little do we know that even they are required to by the law as well.
  2. Double check if your kid is properly secured in their child car seat. Improperly using a child car seat is like not using a child car seat at all. Your kid won’t have any ounce of protection.
  3. Do defensive driving especially if you are with your family. Defensive driving means that you keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles. You should also keep your senses open to any event or crash that happens on the road.

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