It’s summer once again! Most parents will enroll their kids in new classes, fun summer activities, or even teach them something new for the rest of the vacation.

The most common skill that we teach our kids is the skill of riding a bike. It’s a classic rite of passage.

But how can we teach our kids how to ride a bike? Read these 4 tips from us!

1. Choose the right bike

Choosing the right bike means choosing one that fits your kid’s current needs. You shouldn’t buy a bike that’s too large, thinking that your kid can “grow into” it. Here’s a tip: your child should be able to stand over the top tube and his or her feet should be able to reach the ground. Training wheels are a must.

2. Choose a helmet… and always wear it

We cannot stress how important helmets are! In the Philippines, it might not be part of our practice yet to use protection gears such as gloves, and elbows and knee pads. However, the more our children are unprotected on the road, the more they are vulnerable. Before starting any bike practice, always remind your kid to wear his or her helmet. Trust us, it’s going to be worth it.

When choosing helmets, it should sit across the middle of the forehead and no more than 1″ above the eyebrows.  Make sure that it fits your kid’s head snuggly!

3. Choose the perfect spot for biking

Always choose an area with no traffic so your kid can learn safely. The place must be smooth, paved, and large enough so they can move from corner to corner.

4. Balance is key

Learning how to bike is not so much on learning how to pedal. It’s about learning how to balance. How can you do that? Well, you can start by lowering the seat of the bike and letting your kid’s feet lay flat on the ground. Then your child can move around while feeling comfortable with the bicycle. If you see that they can already handle the “balance” part, then the pedaling comes next.

That’s it! If you have other tips on preparing to teach kids how to ride a bike, share it with us!



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