Initiatives for Dialogue and Empowerment through Alternative Legal Services (IDEALS), Inc.

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Its formal organization came about in early 2005 and is presently led by a seven-person Board of Trustees composed of agrarian reform and rural development advocates. Its work started with providing alternative legal services to farmers and farmworkers (to include agrarian reform beneficiaries), their organizations and support development associations. It is currently involved in areas beyond the original focus on agrarian reform, land rights and other land-related concerns.

It has actively engaged the Legislative Branch for the passage of several legislation such as the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program with Extension and Reforms, the Philippine Competition Act, and lobbied for the creation of Philippine International Trade Representative Office, elimination of income tax for low wage earners and other proposed bills that have direct impact on its constituency, the marginalized and vulnerable sectors of Philippine society.

Its lawyers appeared before the different House and Senate committees as resource persons on the deliberations of the proposed measures, and were active members of the different technical working groups created to thresh out the different versions and conflicting provisions of the proposed measures. They have solid grasp on the workings of the different House and Senate committees and have established rapport with several committee secretariats.

IDEALS Inc. recognized the critical role of the administrative agencies in the implementation of laws. Its lawyers provide policy analyses on the implementing rules, the proposed amendments and submit their own counter-proposals on the suggested policy changes. Their policy reform advocacy work has been recognized by the Department of Agrarian Reform and other department of the Executive Branch by inviting them as resource persons on the proposed revisions, deliberations, and discussion of the policy measures that the concerned agencies wanted to modify.

While it may have no experience lobbying for policy and law reform on road safety, it is not an obstacle for the work experience, insights on legislative and administrative campaign and knowledge on handling the dynamics within the government can be applied in road safety campaigns.

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