Why Baby Car Seats Are Important

There is more to choosing a car seat to meet your needs and your child's needs. Here is one infographic by Chicco, a shop for baby gear. Chicco car seats are rated #1 because they’re easy to install, safe and secure. Photo Source These were our primary areas of focus when considering the best baby car seats: … Continue reading Why Baby Car Seats Are Important


Difference in front and rear-facing car seat impact

Volvo has developed a new range of rear-facing car seats which minimise impact in the event of a crash. An important video to watch for parents of infants and young children, for policymakers and for road traffic enforcers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRzU3S7h8yQ Video Source

Webinar on Distraction

139 countries have legislation prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving and 31 countries also prohibit hands-free devices.  Cell phone use is a major cause of distracted driving, and mobile phone conversations affect the driving performance especially in younger and older drivers Sharing here the Crash Course 7 on Distraction offered by Global Alliance of NGOs … Continue reading Webinar on Distraction